Berries in Season

Desk Box - Couplet · SKU: CBC08670

Fresh-picked blueberries and raspberries are two of the juicy joys of summer! The "Berries in Season" Couplet celebrates these sweet berries in their delicious shades of blues and reds.

Playing off the idea of a couplet in poetry (two lines of verse joined by rhythm and rhyme that express one thought), these two cards are the perfect pair. Presented in a book box, the label is inspired by the art of the envelope: the Couplet name is written in Felix’s calligraphy and the card designs appear as postage stamps. Set includes a Correspondence Log Card for recording to whom and when each card is sent.

10 cards and envelopes - 2 designs (5 each)
Card - 4.25 x 5.5 inches folded
Correspondence Log Card - 5.75 x 8.75 inches
Signature box - 6.25 × 1.25 × 9.88 inches
Printed on ultra-premium, lightly-textured acid-free paper stock
Handmade in the USA

Pack 2

Raspberry in Jar

Set of 5 Large Bookplates · SKU: LLM35220

Large Bookplates allow the book owner to handwrite their name on the line provided. They are perfect as an add-on for gifted books, party favors, wedding or baby showers, young readers, teachers, and book lovers of all ages.

What's a bookplate? Bookplates are labels traditionally placed on the inside cover of a book to mark ownership, create a collection, and assist lent books getting returned to their rightful owner. Our bookplates are archival to last generations.

Set of 5 bookplates
2.75 x 4 inches
Printed on premium adhesive label paper
Crack-and-peel backing
Archival and acid-free
Packaged in a cello sleeve
Handmade in the USA

Pack 3

Raspberry in Jar

Set of 40 Bookplates · SKU: BLW35220

2 x 2.875 inches · Premium self-adhesive label paper · Crack-and-peel backing · Nestled in straw and gift-boxed

Personalization & Options
  • From the Personal Collection of
  • From the Library of
  • From the Classroom of

Raspberry in Jar

Set of 45 Panoramic Return Address Labels · SKU: PLW35220

  • For everyday correspondence, weddings, or holiday, Panoramic Return Address Labels make a personal and colorful statement and give Felix's illustration a starring role on your envelopes. Created, printed, cut, and packaged in our studio, these beautifully boxed labels nestled in straw are also a unique gift idea.

  • 2.25 x 1.25 inches
    Premium self-adhesive label paper
    Crack-and-peel backing
    Nestled in straw and gift-boxed