Address Album

Address Album · Fourth Edition · Winter 2020

48 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
3 different address label types:
Return Address Labels (original - rectangular)
Panoramic Return Address Labels (longer, horizontal, and rectangular)
Correspondence Seals (round)
Over 300 illustrations
Everyday, themed, and holiday illustration options
An 8x10 display poster - frame not included
One boxed sample of each address label type
Access to printable online order forms

Beautifully presented, elegantly designed and personalized, Return Address Labels are our most popular product at Felix Doolittle - and they have maintained that exalted position since their very first day of inception.*

The Address Album showcases over 300 of Felix’s charming illustrations on labels that add personality to handwritten letters and packages in the most colorful way. Also included is a framable display poster to generate interest and boxed samples of each of the three types of labels. You’ll find that once your customers see these labels, they’ll become the go-to gift idea, as well as an essential for themselves.

*Read the story about the creation of the first batch of Return Address Labels on our blog.