Book Lovers Album

The Book Lovers Album showcases over 300 of Felix’s illustrations on book labels that are divided by theme including: Nature, Flora, Fauna, Coastal, Junior, Equestrian, Gentleman, Gourmet, and more!  Book labels mark library ownership, assist lent books getting returned to their rightful owner, and as is often the case here at Felix Doolittle, decorate the front covers of our notebooks and journals. The labels are archival to last generations, and make an excellent gift for baby showers, young readers, teachers, and book lovers of all ages.

20 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
2 different book label types:
Bookplates (vertical, rectangular)
Ex Libris Medallions (round)
Over 300 illustrations
Everyday, themed, and holiday illustration options
An 8x10 display poster - frame not included
One boxed sample of each label type
Access to printable online order forms