Notes from The Paper Mouse | The Surprise of Art Prints

Two years ago we launched 8x10 Art Prints, and we were just tickled with how stunning Felix’s work looked giclée-printed on museum-quality paper. It was the closest reproduction to his original drawings that we had ever seen. Finally, Felix Doolittle art for the home, nursery, and office.

While some of our retail partners did well with them, they weren’t met with the kind of success we thought they might. When we opened our own shop last November, we were prepared for a similar lukewarm response. But au contraire! They really had legs, and soon became one of our best sellers! 

September 15, 2016 by Loren Sklar

Felix Doolittle is going BIG!

After a lifetime of drawing tiny, the artist behind Felix Doolittle changes scale and goes big with 16x20 Art Prints! Read on about how Felix began drawing and his decision to go BIG! 
August 11, 2016 by Loren Sklar

Holiday Return Address Labels are here!

Watch your mailbox! 

{ We are sending you these two posters for your holiday display }



More Hello! Buzz: Vogue and Coastal Living

Vogue and Coastal Living magazines have featured the Hello! Folded Note Cards in their December holiday gift guide issues.  They make a great gift, stocking stuffer, or a perfect set to have on hand for post-holiday thank yous!



December 06, 2013 by Loren Sklar

Hello! Single Cards in Town & Country

Hello! Single Cards on the front page of Town & Country online!

October 29, 2013 by Loren Sklar

The Return Address Label Album for the Holidays

Whether they're used to brighten holiday cards and make them stand out from the crowd, as a stocking stuffer, or as gift, the Felix Doolittle illustrated Return Address Label has been a favorite since it's inception 9 years ago! Customers love the quality, and they're packaged like a perfect little gift that makes using them or gifting them such a pleasure.

Felix Doolittle Return Address Labels are Back!

They are coveted, yet given and used enthusiastically. They're packaged like a Japanese gift with delicate care, hand cut, hand finished, and sport Felix's art, so full of story.  They are our Return Address Labels, and by popular demand we're bringing them back to brick and mortar stores! 

Welcome to FD Marketplace - The Felix Doolittle Wholesale Store!

Felix Doolittle was launched 10 years ago at the National Stationery Show, and now that we were turning the big 1-0, double digits, it provoked some serious reflection. It also posed the very important next question - How should we celebrate?!