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You know how decade birthdays are - they knock on your brain and demand to be dealt with. There's the overwhelming desire to look back through the album pages of time while also wanting to move ahead in some dramatic new way. That was how it was with us. Felix Doolittle was launched 10 years ago at the National Stationery Show, and now that we were turning the big 1-0, double digits, it provoked some serious reflection. It also posed the very important next question: How should we celebrate?!  

We decided to celebrate by creating an entirely new line that would mark our return to retail, our return to the NSS. We call it, Hello! by Felix Doolittle, and it was designed to be casual, fun, attractively priced, and to appeal to a much wider demographic. 

We have always had our loyal fans, but not every fan could readily afford the signature line which is produced in an artisanal way. Creating Hello! by Felix Doolittle fulfilled Felix's wish to be able to reach out and make his work more accessible. The Folded Note Cards were designed first. How many hours these took, I cannot tell you. It's like watching a great musician, dancer, or other artist and marveling at how effortless they make everything appear. In actuality, that effortlessness is the product of countless hours of work, thought, and discipline. The Folded Note Cards were like that, yet we hope they feel effortless to you!

Thankfully, deciding on the color palette for the spines of the boxes was a (relatively) easy decision to make. We chose the colors of the rainbow. Who doesn't feel delight and joy at the sight of a rainbow?!!  It had to be a rainbow. The rainbow colors would make for some truly fun display possibilities for store owners, and gave us the good fortune to be able to say lines like, "Create your own rainbow," and "What colors are in your rainbow?" or "Are you interested in a double rainbow - it's our show special!"

Ever since we've launched the line, we've seen rainbows everywhere.  

This double rainbow occurred in Boston just a couple of days ago - the second double rainbow in a week's time! People were rightfully crazy with glee - photographing, instagramming, tweeting, and generally trying to tell everyone they knew to look outside, or get outside. Can't you just feel the buzz in the air even in the photos?!  You can get a mini tour of Boston by looking at these rainbow-around-Boston photos.  Rainbows conjure good luck, magic, wonder, and excitement. What do they represent to you?


So we hope you like our rainbow and Felix's delightful illustrations!  There are currently 40 boxes in the set divided into 8 color/image themes which are labeled on the spine of the box along with the illustration name.


Make sure to take a look at the Hello! Single Cards too. The size is larger and it has a really fresh feel, a singing-in-the-rain feel!  These cards in cello sleeves are a la carte style and are sure to jazz up your racks for single selection cards.



The Hello! Mirrors are perfect for POP sales and are just adorable.  So many fun ones to choose from, they're like candy!


Hello! Notepads make list-making fun with Hello! mascot, Ikootan.  More about Ikootan in my next blog post which will give you time to form your own conclusions.  But he does have his own fan page on Facebook which hopefully you'll consider liking!  

If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, we are totally open to hearing them and having the conversation. As a matter fact, it's the conversation that we're looking forward to!  


Photo credits: Top photo: Jane Potrykus at Simple-Pretty  Rainbow photos: http://bo.st/11zGtFa  All other photos: Felix Doolittle

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