Felix Doolittle Return Address Labels are Back!

They are coveted, yet given and used enthusiastically. They're packaged like a Japanese gift with delicate care, hand cut, hand finished, and sport Felix's art, so full of story. They are our Return Address Labels, and by popular demand we're bringing them back to brick and mortar stores! 

We're offering our classic Return Address Label, Panoramic Return Address Labels, and the round Correspondence Seals.

Our Return Address Labels have been an enormous success ever since the day we launched them. Felix created them on the most unlikely of days (or rather, nights). It was 9 years ago, and the night before we were to leave to set up our booth at the National Stationery Show. We still had last minute preparations for the big trip to New York City and would have to leave early in the morning. Felix stayed back at the studio while I did the sensible thing of going home to get some sleep!  

When I arrived in the early morning, he didn't look the least bit tired, and he informed me he had created a new product. I was at wit's end with things still left to do and yelled, "You can't be creating new products the morning before we leave. OK... Let me see." He showed me a poster of 20 illustrations for return address usage. I acquiesced that they were both beautiful and brilliant, and they FLEW off the shelves of our booth as if they had wings.  

They have been our #1 bestseller since that day. 

They say so much about the giver, and bring a sense of charm, color, and personality to letters, notes, and cards. There's holiday imagery to spruce up holiday card envelopes, and over the years we found that they make a great gift for both personal and business usage.  

Carry our Return Address Album
If you are already a retailer vendor with us, go ahead and learn more about carrying our Return Address Label Album here.  If you're interested, but not yet a qualified vendor, please email us at felix@felixdoolittle.com, and we'll send you the necessary paperwork.    

We look forward to sharing our Return Address Labels with you and your customers! 

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