Felix Doolittle is going BIG!

Did you know that not too long ago in China, to be appointed a provincial government official, the candidate had to excel in painting, calligraphy, and poetry? The person who scored the highest in those fields, along with other tests of intelligence was the candidate chosen. Imagine that! Felix Fu, the artist behind Felix Doolittle, is from that family heritage. His grandfather was a chosen official. Growing up in Hong Kong, it was an important family value to Felix's father that his children learn calligraphy, brush painting, and poetry. (A little known fact about Felix is that he consistently won poetry recitals for years, besting other kids who were older and younger than he was.) 

His passion for drawing began as a youngster. Cultural and family ideals change over time, and Felix's continued love of drawing and the arts was not encouraged, especially as he often chose to draw instead of concentrating on the lesson at hand in school, or later, drawing instead of doing his homework. He kept his drawings small so they could be easily hidden by a cupped hand. Felix's art school training was actually his doing art in school! 

Drawing tiny seemed to stick with him. A 5x7 sketchbook was sufficient not just for one sketch, but often a few! Above is a page from his sketchbook that's 3.5 x 5 inches, and his usual tiny paintbrush.After so many years drawing small, Felix wanted to bring his work to a larger scale. This meant thinking big. Drawing big. While most artists wouldn't consider an 8 x10 inch page big, it's almost a billboard for Felix! 

 Going big, but still using a tiny brush! 

Felix created 10 brand new 16x20 Art Prints which will debut at our first-ever gift show exhibition: The NY NOW Summer Market. They are giclée printed with the same exacting color rendition and museum-quality paper as our 8x10 Art Prints. The Felix Doolittle world will now be entering homes and offices at a visually impressive size!  But their first stop will be at your shop!  

Come see the entire collection and meet Felix and the team in the

Stationery Neighborhood of NY NOW - Booth 5238

Felix Fu and one of his favorite new 16x20 Art Prints. We think his grandfather would be proud! 
Look for 16x20 Art Prints available on our wholesale website FDMarketplace soon! 






August 11, 2016 by Loren Sklar
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